Who We Are

What is your most valuable resource?
Most Physician and other professionals would say – TIME is their most valuable resource.

As your personal CFO, Plan to Invest Capital Management helps you manage your total financial life.

Helping clients create their financial story and taking back time is an empowering experience that builds confidence and moves you toward financial clarity. However, too often I have seen clients manage their financial lives with a “back burner” approach to be address later. Unfortunately, it rarely gets done.

Listening to the heart of our client’s challenges and aspirations, we work together to define their life’s vision. We consider estate planning, tax planning, charitable giving and asset allocation associated investments through pre work, analysis and direction. Employing our proprietary Wealth Management Process, we address the most common financial concerns, providing foundational insights that guide us in developing financial scenarios for now and the future-- addressing all of life's inconsistencies.

The foundation of any business philosophy is providing a having a realistic business plan for life. This is how you operate when you are in your clinic?  This is how the organization continues to thrive? This is true even if you are coming to an end of an important stage of your career.  Having your objectives laid out and organized for a smooth transition to the next stage of life.