Our Holistic Approach

Using a methodical approach, Plan to Invest Capital Management takes the time to get to know you, understand you, creating an advanced plan for what is right for you.

Then we take the worry out of your hands, as your personal CFO we focus on your financial life, so you can focus on living your life.

The Discovery Meeting

We firstly need to understand who you are. What are the things that you value? We ask questions related to you as a person, not about what you have or what you own. What is important; your interests, goals, dreams and concerns. Discussion of finances take a back seat while we get to know you.

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Taking Action

Planning and investing is a skill that takes expertise, discipline, rigor and time. It is easy to be influenced to make a move in your portfolio based on what your colleagues say or what a radio or TV personality states, but passive holding of a diversified financial portfolio may make sense in the long term.  It really depends on personal factors that must be gleaned from many sources to make sure you are in line with your objectives.

PTICM offers portfolios that are both passive and active in the evolving world financial markets while building personal relationships that you can count on. Our approach selects a broadly diversified set of securities through a risk/reward valuation. A "best fit" risk profile is developed for each person based on tolerance of market volatility.

We stress that this is not a quick proposition. We are planning for now, and the future and this takes time.