Our Firm

Plan to Invest provides much more than financial planning.


We focus on:

  • Dreaming and doing.
  • Imagining how you truly want to live your life both now and in the future.
  • Building a practical vision together.
  • Connecting the everyday choices with your desired vision to focus your actions.
  • Having the resources and tools to chart your course and measure your progress.
  • Investing at a sustainable pace to keep you moving in your intended direction.
  • Managing the wealth you have created.

The secret to success and meaningful achievement is focused and persistent personal effort. Financial planning and investments in themselves do not guarantee fulfillment. The opportunity to build real and meaningful value comes when planning and investments are connected with your deepest dreams, hopes and values. When you put the power of your vision behind your financial plan, you will do it.

I have been working in the securities industry for over 18 years. I have operated my own business for 14 years with 10 of those years working with other colleagues in a shared environment. I have operated my own investment advisory firm since 2010.

I currently serve approximately 160 clients and staff that have served with me for up to 6 years. I have developed relationships with a team of people that provide estate planning, tax planning and other necessary expertise for financial decisions.  

I was born in Colorado, entered the armed services in Denver and have relatives that have resided here since World War II. Though I grew up in and around the Midwest my home has been Colorado.



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