How much is enough income

and capital to live YOUR LIFE?


Having a flexible plan to effectively deal with important changes and life issues is critical


The foundation of Plan to Invest's philosophy is providing a business plan for life. Through integration and coordination of our clarifying matrix process, we provide scenarios for now and in the future for all of life's inconsistencies. We view your estate (everything you own) as a business and help you to manage it successfully.






We can help you answer, and more importantly, ACT on the following questions:

  • Can you live on just what social security provides to maintain longterm survivability?
  • Are you prepared for your cost of living to inflate by 3%?
  • How can you protect your earnings?
  • How are you poised to take control of your financial future?


Planning and investing is a skill that takes expertise, discipline and rigor. Passive holding of a financial portfolio for an indefinite period of time does not make sense.


PTICM offers portfolios that are both dynamic and evolving in the world financial markets while building personal relationships that you can count on.


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