John Panter, Founder
Investment Advisor Representative
Master of Science, University of Missouri


Making a positive impact in the lives of others inspires John to constantly grow and evolve his company's services and investment options. For more than a decade, John has served clients in the telecommunications and aerospace industries as a retirement and transition specialist.


Listening to the heart of his clients' challenges and contradictions, John continues to broaden his scope to offer a holistic approach to understanding the intersection between all things financial and what clients are pursuing in their life's imagination.



“I have met too many people that live day by day in their financial lives and have no story or positive vision for how they are going to take care of their finances when they are no longer able to work. Helping others create their own story that is believable and compelling is powerful. This story is the basis of their financial plan for making the investment choices and managing change. The knowledge that comes from developing a personal story dispels the fears and builds confidence to steadily wear down even the most formidable challenges.”