Our approach selects securities through a risk/reward valuation. A "best fit" risk profile is developed for each person based on tolerance of market volatility and a custom investment portfolio constructed for them specifically. 


It is time to get serious.

Retirement, for most people, is really just longterm unemployment. This means retirees must mainly live on the savings and investments realized during their working life. Of the 76 Million Baby Boomers, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day.


These Baby Boomers are beginning to receive entitlements for social security and Medicare straining an already tight federal budget. Because of this onslaught of retirees, how will the federal government react to this impact on the country's budget and will the impact be felt in new taxes, adjustments and delays in the entitlements owed? Can people live on just what social security provides to maintain long term survivability? Declining purchasing power. Cost of living inflates at an average rate of 3%.


What is spent today for a dollar will be worth 65 cents in just 10 years. It is the avoidance of the perceived risk which frequently leads investors to "lock in" the real risk of losing real purchasing power, as inflation erodes the value of their assets.